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Peeping Tom’s Digest #1. 23.05.09

Peeping Tom's Digest #1Clickhere for more details.


Fillip #9 @ Motto Berlin. 13.05.09






Issue 9/

Featuring writing by Cranfield and Slade, Randy Lee Cutler, Diedrich Diederichsen, Molly Dilworth, Lea Feinstein, Christian L. Frock, Dan Graham, Boris Groys, Maegan Hill-Carroll, Marisa Jahn, Steve Lambert, Cliff Lauson, Joni Murphy, Ana Balona de Oliveira, Shepherd Steiner, and Andro Wekua.

February 28th: Starship booklaunch

Next saturday in the store, starting at 19h:

Just what is ist that made today´s Berlin so different, so appealing.
Starship – The Early Years: 1998 – 2001

A collection of texts from the first 4 Starship issues in english translation, together with illustrations and images from this period.

The book will also be presented in New York in march, as part of the show ‘Berlin 2000’ at Pace Wildenstein.


MATT Magazine news.

Matt Magazine is a political fanzine from the artist Guersoy Dogtas. All the texts in Matt are from previously-published classic documents from the history of science and humanities. Xeroxed copies of extracts – then with a pencil pictured – with occasional sections highlighted or circled in a purely subjective way are juxtaposed with images from a different source.



“From I to We” is the motto sticker that he placed at several locations in Tel Aviv.



Wonder how he got the sticker on the uniform of a soldier.


Here is a tip from him if you plan to visit Jerusalem: a place where you can get Isreali and Palestinian (?) fanzines called Uganda Bar.

Day_4: Gagarin